What is Behavioral Recognition?

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Behavioral Recognition is a Revolutionary Technology Which Fundamentally Changes the Video Surveillance Market

Behavioral Recognition technology, the backbone of the AISight system, combines computer vision with machine learning to provide actionable intelligence through real-time, relevant alerting of anomalous behavior observed by cameras. It is fairly simple to program a computer to detect movement with a camera. It’s just as simple to trigger a response if that movement violates a condition — a “rule”. But the real world environment is anything but simple. The slightest ambient variation, such as a shadow, can wreak havoc on these preconceived rules and the result is, as it has been for the last ten years, unmet expectations, disappointment and frustration by users.

BRS Labs has patented the process and technology now known as Behavioral Recognition. This technology was invented to achieve the effect without the cause, something the rules-based systems on the market today have been unable to deliver. The real world is not black and white, on or off, yes or no. The rigidity of a simple rule will always break. “Behavior” is not black or white either; it’s an endless amount of colors hidden by an infinite amount grades and tints. The trick is to recognize behavior (the cause) and achieving the effect (the distinction of behavior).

The number of shades of the color red is endless and with so many variations a human cannot explain the difference he sees between the most subtle shades. But yet one still knows when two articles of red clothing don’t look right together, that they don’t match; this is the concept of Behavioral Recognition. Introduce dimension and you have a different example: How does one teach a computer to recognize a human when seen through a camera, while every camera sees from a different angle? One can’t! A single human will look completely different from one camera to another. One camera mounted low may be able to detect four limbs and a head, while a camera mounted high might not even see the legs as a person walks below it. The only viable method is to allow the computer to learn the subtle differences itself. Let it become aware that objects appear differently from one angle to the next, and that the behavior of humans in one camera may be completely different than the behavior found in another. Only then can the power of reason be utilized. Behavioral Recognition is a “Reason-based” system unencumbered by man-made rules.