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The Solution


AISight Key Features


AISight scales to thousands of sensors or cameras across multiple locations and facilities. These large-scale deployments are much faster to deploy, with much more easily managed alert volumes, than with any other analytics technology.


AISight automatically teaches itself what's normal within every sensor's data stream with few, if any, false alarms. There's no need for rules, masks, or custom programming. Simply plug in a new camera or sensor, or move an existing one, and the system adapts automatically.


AISight operates in real time, rapidly processing massive volumes of data. Users get direct visual replay and/or feedback alongside alerts, so that they can make better decisions based on the severity of a threat and determine the most appropriate response.


AISight builds memories for hundreds of different types of behaviors. As a result, it delivers higher quality, more relevant alerts than any other technology. By concentrating on what's essential, your team operates much more efficiently and effectively.


Built-in fault tolerance ensures that all alerts and relevant supporting data are retained, even during service interruptions across video surveillance and sensor infrastructure. Real time and historical system diagnostics operate automatically across all deployments, including geographically distributed architectures.


AISight's unique design segregates data collection from machine learning. The same analytics core can service video surveillance, SCADA operations and many other essential functions, with each analytics module adding additional value to the overall solution. In addition, AISight is available as both an onsite solution and as a managed cloud service so that customers can choose the delivery model that best fits their operational needs.


AISight is easy to install, operate and maintain, resulting in a very low cost of ownership and rapid ROI compared to other analytics technologies. Customers receive unlimited AISight seat licenses to access the software platform and receive alerts.


AISight is designed to support open systems initiatives. For example, when applied to video surveillance, AISight integrates directly with leading Video Management System (VMS) and Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) products.

Mobile and Secure

AISight supports multiple security roles and permissions. These roles can be customized to meet a wide variety of internal operations and security needs. Alerts can be accessed from tablets and smartphones, enabling remote response to rapidly changing conditions.


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AISight SCADA Data Sheet

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Critical Infrastructure

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Alert Examples

Traffic 1

With AISight's ability to detect and distinguish between normal and abnormal traffic flow, it signals when a truck crosses the center line- passing through the gate the "wrong" way.

Beach Perimeter Section 18

This alert catches a human, seen through a chain-link fence, in a secure area of a beach. Notice the moving trees and bushes; they do not cause a problem for AISight. No other analytic is able to handle the complex elements in this scene.

Rear Access Building 6B

This alert was generated when two individuals tried to place luggage in a populated area.

Check Point 14

At this security checkpoint, its normal for the driver to exit the vehicle occasionally but AISight alerts when the passenger tries to leave the car!

Public Access PTZ Position 4

AISight alerts when a human is seen walking in a roadway where only vehicles travel.

Transit Alert

At this transit customer location it is important to catch people that enter the rail area or leave suspicious objects around the tracks, however, it's the unforeseen or unexpected behaviors that most often indicate potential dangers.

Unusual Time of Day

AISight tracks behavior by time of day and day of week to make sure activities and objects considered normal in one time space does not preclude an alert when that same activity occurs at a time that it shouldn't.

Manufacturing Alert

In this AISight alert, a large tank containing toxic chemicals has just begun to vibrate and lose its secure mounting. This sort of early warning mechanism, only available with behavioral recognition, could be the difference between a maintenance call and an emergency 9-1-1 call.

Secure Facility

With today's critical security environment the activities outside of many buildings should be heavily scrutinized. In this alert, a truck is noticed backing up to the entrance door of a secure facility where the usual behavior is to drive forward and around the turning court.


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Download DatasheetContact a Representative


Download DatasheetContact a Representative

Products & Industries

Businesses and government agencies of all sizes use AISight every day to enhance safety,
security, and operational efficiency. Typical industries include:

These customers use AISight for the following applications:

Video Analytics:

Identify unexpected behavior in real-time.
Fast, accurate alerts. Intuitive results.
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Intelligent Alerting & Operations
Assistance for SCADA:

Know what's happening, as it is happening –
across tens of thousands of sensors.
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Intelligent Video Analytics

Identify unexpected behavior in real-time. Fast, accurate alerts. Intuitive results. Scalable, automated surveillance from one to tens of thousands of cameras – every minute, every day.

BRS Labs' AISight intelligent video analytics system is an artificial intelligence solution for video surveillance that teaches itself to recognize and alert on unexpected behavior across any camera's field of view. This patented, award-winning technology improves safety, security, and operational efficiency by helping organizations recognize and respond to threats in real time. AISight supports a wide range of cameras and networks, in new or existing infrastructures. Enterprise deployments with thousands of cameras typically install within days, without custom programming or human intervention.

In addition to on-premises software and enterprise-grade Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings, AISight's intelligent video analytics are also available as a managed cloud service. This subscription-based service uses a secure cloud model to deliver the same ease of use, accuracy and intuitive operation for which AISight is renowned, enhanced with low upfront costs, minimal operational expense, and extremely rapid deployment. No other video analytics solution offers this level of power and ease of use, delivered at such a low price point for installations as small as a single camera.

Please fill out this form for more information about AISight for Video. One of our representatives will be in touch with you soon to help determine how best to serve you.

Intelligent Alerting &
Operations Assistance for SCADA

Know what's happening, as it is happening – across tens of thousands of sensors. The smarter approach to situational awareness at oil and gas production, electricity generation/transmission, and other energy industry facilities.

AISight for SCADA helps plant operators use SCADA data to identify potentially dangerous situations as they develop, rather than after an alarm has been issued. This proactive approach to facilities management helps prevent safety and environmental issues, as well as stop loss situations such as theft or vandalism.

An additional benefit comes from identifying opportunities for increased production. AISight provides insight into how the operation is behaving and points out to the SCADA operators areas in a vast operation where they should be focusing attention before alarm conditions indicating imminent failure are reached.

AISight helps organizations strengthen their preventive maintenance programs by highlighting data patterns that might indicate decaying infrastructure. This information can come from individual sensors, or from data patterns across multiple sensors that do not become apparent until examined as a composite overview.

This "big picture" view across facilities automatically connects information from multiple sensors into real-time alerts. For example, equipment failures that rarely happen in isolation can be identified sooner due to unexpected data patterns recognized elsewhere in the system. Operators no longer have to perform this level of correlation manually.

Please fill out this form for more information about AISight for SCADA. One of our representatives will be in touch with you soon to help determine how best to serve you.